Training Courses

K-9 Tactical Tracking Course (Session #1)

Canine Tactical Tracking Course

Hosted by members of the NRV K9 Training Group


This is a two-day training course for patrol officers and SWAT teams in which officers may find themselves assisting on canine tracks.

Day 1: 

The first half of the training day will begin with classroom training on the importance of a perimeter.  We will cover the when, where, why, and how to set a hard perimeter.  The duties and responsibilities of the perimeter unit(s) will be explained in detail, and is based upon years of experience by the NRV K9 Training Group and the LAPD Aviation Unit.  We will also discuss what information the handler will need from on-scene units when a canine track is requested.  

The second half of the day will be dry runs of the principles learned in the morning session and will cover the different tracking formations with a K9, and hand signals.  Participants will also be instructed on how and when (and when not) to approach the suspect at the end of a track.  Canine handlers will also discuss explain the importance of a proximity alert, scent pools, and tactics that can be used to apprehend a suspect.  Participants will practice the different formations and tactics in varying terrain.

Day 2:

The second day will consist of multiple evolutions of force-on-force canine tracks and participants will need to use the information taught on Day 1 to successfully apprehend/neutralize the suspect (role player). 

Note: the role player will not make the scenario overly difficult and will ensure that the participants are put in a position to win as long as they use the proper techniques that they were taught.  It is not our intention to demoralize participants during this training course.


Required Equipment:

  • Portable radio w/ earpiece
  • Clothing appropriate for woodland exercises (ie: camouflage, hat, boots, rain gear)
  • Duty belt, flashlight, rifle, soft body armor/plate carrier
  • Water bottle and/or Camelbak (recommended but not required)
  • Protective equipment for simunition training (eye protection, gloves, etc.)

FEE:    There is no cost to attend this course

Training locations (may change depending on availability):

Day 1:  BSA Camp Powhatan (Hiwassee)

Day 2:  Radford Arsenal (Dublin)

General timeframe for this course is middle to late March 2018 (dates will be announced soon).  Depending on the number of registrations, we may do two separate courses to keep class sizes manageable.  The preference would be 16 attendees per each 2-day session, but maximum of 24 per session.

Attendees will be required to pack lunches & snacks as there are no restaurants nearby, as well as plenty of water each day.


  • Ofc. Hyatt, Christiansburg PD K9
  • Ofc. Stultz, Radford PD K9
  • Ofc. Kodsi, Blacksburg PD K9

Registration:   Please contact Cindy at (540)375-3095 or email to register for this course.   This course is expected to fill quickly, and spaces will be filled on a first-come first-served basis.