Training Courses

Basic UPR

Date:                           September 11-13, 2018


Time:                          0800 - 1700 hrs.


Course Description:


This training will give the officer or deputy a thorough understanding of nomenclature, operations, disassembly and assembly skills, marksmanship fundamentals and skills, and care and maintenance of the urban patrol rifle.  This course will not cover deployment and engagement issue that should be addressed at the agency level. Please all training, will be conducted at the Botetourt County Range.


Required Equipment:


1.  Service handgun and magazines

2.  Duty gun belt

3.  Patrol rifle and sling                                                         

4.  3 rifle magazines - minimum of 20 round capacity

5.  300 rounds of service handgun ammunition (does not have to be duty ammo but NO reloads)

6.  750 rounds of rifle ammunition (factory ammunition only)

7.  Clothing suitable for firearms training and weather conditions

8.  Body armor must be worn on the range - available at the academy if necessary

9.  Hearing and eye protection - available at the academy if necessary                       


Recommended Equipment:


1.  Knee and elbow pads

2.  Boonie cover (hat)


Recommended For:  Officers or deputies who may be issued a patrol rifle.

Fee:                 No fee for member agencies, $300 for non-member agencies

Registration:  To register for this course please call (540) 375-3095 or email Cindy at

IMPORTANT NOTE:          Due to ammunition shortages resulting from the war, it is taking much longer to obtain rifle ammunition.  Be sure to place your order as soon as possible to insure that you have it in time for the course.