Training Courses

Social Media and Investigations (0800 hrs. - 1700 hrs.)


Social Media and Investigations: This one day (8 hours) course will provide a detailed understanding of how intelligence can be derived for law enforcement exploitation through the analysis of Internet open sources and major social media networks (such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube) for investigations, as well as to enhance command post information during any period of heightened alerts, such as major sports events, bomb threats, etc. The student will learn how to use social media platforms and open source capabilities to enhance their understanding of current and emerging threats and trends, explore geolocation-based capabilities on social media networks for increased situational awareness, learn what information is available from the service providers, learn how to obtain information from the service providers and learn how to setup feeds and alerts on topics of investigative interest. All students are encouraged to bring their agency issued laptop with internet connectivity during the class (free wifi is available through the academy). Class size is limited to the size of the classroom.