Training Courses

Crimes Against Children and Human Trafficking (1300 hrs. - 1700 hrs.)

Crimes Against Children and Human Trafficking: This half day (4 hour) course will provide attendees an overview of Child Abduction Response, Child Prostitution and Pornography Investigations, the Collection and Processing of Digital Evidence and the FBI’s Online Child Exploitation mission. This course will focus on the uses of technology by both offenders and law enforcement, with an emphasis on search and seizure of digital evidence as well as basis IP addressing for investigators. The class will expose students to roles and responsibilities of local, state, and federal law enforcement in investigating Crimes Against Children as well federal and state statues, local trends and addressing the needs of child victims. This course will enable students to effectively make decisions regarding departmental capabilities and will enhance their ability to recognize situations where children have been exploited. Course size is limited by the size of the classroom available.