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A Better Understanding: Alzheimer’s, Autism and Special Needs Awareness Training

Course Title: A Better Understanding:  Alzheimer’s, Autism and Special Needs Awareness Training
Date: October 18, 2017
Time: 0800 - 1700 hrs.
Course Description:Alzheimer’s disease, Autism Spectrum Disorder and other Cognitive Disorders can lead to behaviors that are often misinterpreted and our reactions can promote peaceful interactions or lead to tragic outcomes.  With an estimated 5.4 million people in the United States suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and Autism Spectrum Disorder occurring at a rate of 1 in 50 children (Centers for Disease Control, 2013), training to understand what behaviors may occur and why these behaviors present themselves is essential for public safety employees, hospital personnel, educators and social service practitioners.  With the primary goals of educating and informing, this training will cover the aspects of recognition, associated behaviors, effective interaction techniques, de-escalation techniques, caregiver issues, wandering, elopement and search and rescue as well as available outside resources.   The Blue Ridge Autism and Achievement Center recommends this class for any public safety or other professional personnel engaging in interactions with this population or the public.  

 About the Instructor:

Sergeant Tim Sutton, a 28 year Law Enforcement Veteran in Central Virginia and founder of A Better Understanding, LLC,  is one of the six subject matter experts as designated by the International Association of Chiefs of Police traveling across the country teaching as an advocate for populations in Alzheimer’s disease and Autism Spectrum Disorder awareness.  As a special needs and population advocate, Tim’s goals and objectives of these training sessions is to explain, educate and provide information on ways to positively act and react to individuals suffering from these diseases.  With numerous incidents over the years where interactions have resulted in injury or death, Tim aims to educate participants so to minimize the number of these incidences.        

Fee: No fee

Please contact Cindy at Cardinal Criminal Justice Academy, 540-375-3095 or by email to register.