Training Courses

Police Cyclist School (LEBA)

Course Title: LEBA Police Cyclist
Date: October 2 - October 5, 2017
Time: 0800 - 1700 hrs.
Course Description: This course will be instructed by a (LEBA) Law Enforcement Bicycle Association certified instructor and is designed to teach new bicycle patrol officers the basics of riding a bicycle under patrol condition, basic maintenance, and other bicycle-related skills. This is a physically demanding course. Students should begin training regularly on the bicycle at least 90 days in advance of this course. There will be one physically challenging off road ride.

Students must successfully pass a written and practical examination on these topics.

 Cardiovascular fitness for the officer including target heart rate.
 Nutrition for the mountain bike officer.
 Cholesterol explanation and N.C.E.P. guidelines.
 Saddle, knee, hand and foot injuries.
 Stretching.
 Slow speed balance drills.
 Hypothermia and dehydration.
 Effective cycling video and lecture.
 Training rides. Minimum of five.
 Accident prevention for bike officers.
 Safety equipment, uniforms and accessories.
 Proper bicycle fit
 Emergency braking.
 Gears and cadence.
 Police technical skills: Cross-over drills, cross-over exit, cross-over take down, powerslide exit, kickstand exit.
 LEBA tactical firearms training course.
 LEBA written examination consisting of 25 questions minimum.  

 Students must pass the written examination by a score of 70%. Practical exercises must be successfully performed and completed to the satisfaction of the instructor(s) teaching the course.
Students must be able to successfully “exit” the mountain bike quickly and safely, be able to demonstrate full emergency braking, demonstrate a safe and quick simulated arrest of a suspect on foot and complete training rides using effective cycling techniques.

Required Equipment:
1. Heavy duty, multi-speed mountain bicycle, police model preferred
2. Pedal toe clips and straps
3. Water bottle and frame mounted bottle holder (2 recommended)
4. Front and rear lighting
5. Helmet, cycling gloves and padded cycling shorts
6. Wrap around style cycling sunglasses/safety glasses
7. Spare tire tube and tire changing levers
8. One box (50 rounds) of service weapon ammunition

Recommended Equipment:
1. Rain jacket and pants
2. Cycling tights (depending on weather)
3. Appropriate weight jacket (depending on weather)

Student Requirements:
1. Rider must be capable of completing a 25 mile ride at a minimum average speed of 12 mph.
2. Rider should have sufficient upper body strength to pull the front wheel of the bicycle off the ground a minimum of 8" while mounted on the bicycle.
3. Rider should be thoroughly familiar with the operation of bicycle to be used in the school including shifting gears etc.
4. All bicycles will be inspected by the instructors prior to the first training ride and any bicycle that is determined to be unsafe will not be permitted to be used during the course.

In-service Credit: 2 hours legal, 38 hours of career development

Fee: No Fee for member agencies, $400 per officer for non-member agencies. Must be registered by August 7, 2017 so manuals can be ordered for the class.

Registration: Contact Cindy at or call (540)375-3095 to register for this class. Class maximum size is 15 students