Training Courses

Interview and Interrogation

October 3, 2018


Course Title:             Interview and Interrogation

Date:                           December 18, 2018

Time:                          0800 - 1700

Course Description:

This one day (8 hour) course is designed specifically for law enforcement officers, and will provide continuing education on various disciplines to include active listening, detecting deception, cognitive interviewing, strategic introduction of evidence, and various interview and interrogation strategies. The course will use both lecture and interactive learning techniques to engage participants in successful interrogation strategies. This course is designed for all levels of experience.

In-Service Credit/Type:       8 hours career development

Fee:     No fee.  Course is NOT open to non-member agencies.  R

Registration:  This course is open to member agency personnel only. 

Please contact Cindy at Cardinal Criminal Justice Academy, 540-375-3095 or by

email to register.