How can I know if my assessment is correct?

The first thing you need to do is decide for yourself what you think your property is worth. You can do this by looking at comparable sales of properties like yours, contacting appraisers, and comparing assessments on similar properties to yours. Sales and assessment information is available at recent property sales and in the Real Estate Department office and opens to public inspection during regular business hours. Assessment information for all properties is available on this website by using the Property Data Search feature or by obtaining copies in person by visiting the Real Estate Department.

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1. What are the three steps in the appeal process?
2. What are the appeal procedures and deadlines?
3. How can I know if my assessment is correct?
4. What if I disagree with my assessment?
5. What are the grounds for an appeal of my assessment?
6. What is the Board of Equalization?
7. What do I need to bring to the meeting with the Board of Equalization?
8. What if I don't agree with the board's decision?