Help Wanted

If we were to put an ad in the newspaper looking for help, it might read something like this:

"Emerging medical professionals wanted. No experience necessary. No pay, minimal benefits, lousy hours, often unfavorable working conditions, heavy lifting involved, but candidate will be exposed to experiences of a lifetime that make it all worthwhile."

Sounds just like the job for you? Then come visit us. The Salem Rescue Squad is always looking for those few good men and women who think the above advertisement is just what they are looking for. And although there is entire truth to those words, enough people have found working with us to be rewarding, and has enabled us to maintain our all-volunteer status for more than 80 years.

Many people who have volunteered with us have gone on to other careers in health care, including firefighting, EMS systems management, emergency department technicians, nursing, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and even physicians. Service with our organization can lead to bigger opportunities, both within the healthcare professions as well as other non-healthcare organizations, and our relationship with other healthcare organizations will allow you to network to find a career and an employer that is right for you, while at the same time gaining valuable experience in patient care.

Classes of Membership

We have several classes of membership within our organization. These are described below with the requirements for each.

Senior Member

Senior members comprise the largest membership group. These are persons 21 years of age or older who have completed at least certification as an EMT-B. In order to seek membership, the candidate must have a current Virginia EMT-B, EMT-E, EMT-I, or EMT-P certification; must have the same certification from another state and be seeking to obtain Virginia certification, enrolled in an EMT-B class, or willing to do so as soon as possible following election as a probationary member.

Senior members are assigned to a duty team and are expected to provide coverage one night per week, weekend coverage one day per month, and coverage for various standbys throughout the year. Senior members are required to attend the monthly business and training meetings (second and fourth Mondays) unless working, in school, or for another reason approved by an officer.

Junior Member

Junior members are those between the age of 16 and 20. They must meet all of the requirements of Senior members, except that Junior members attending high school must leave the building by 11 pm the night before a school day. High school members must also maintain a specified grade point average in order to participate during the school year.

Support Team Member

Support Team members are persons who do not desire to obtain certification as an EMT-B but wish to assist the Squad in other capacities. Some Support Team members assist with administrative duties. Others may drive units under certain conditions, and with proper certifications may staff Squad 1.

What is Required of Our Members

What has made us one of the best EMS agencies in the Roanoke Valley is the commitment of our members. Senior members will be assigned to a duty team that will respond from the crew hall between the hours of 6 pm to 6 am one night each week and will also be assigned one weekend day of duty each month. In addition, the Salem Rescue Squad provides extensive coverage of sporting events, concerts, and other special events around the City of Salem. There are three required standbys that members are expected to participate in, including the Salem Fair, Olde Salem Days, and the Stagg Bowl. Members are expected to participate in a fair share of the remaining standbys. Junior members who are still in high school are expected to meet these same requirements, except that on school nights, they are required to leave by 11 pm.

Applying for Membership

Applications for membership are available only from the Chief, Captain, or Lt. Personnel after meeting with one of these individuals. Once the completed application is received, it will be presented during the next monthly business meeting. During the next thirty days, a criminal background check, references check, and an interview with the Membership Committee will be conducted. The vote for membership will usually be conducted at the following business meeting.

Probationary Period

Once approved for membership, you will serve a probationary period of six months (potentially shorter if you have served with another EMS agency, or longer if you have not completed your EMT-B certification prior to the end of your probationary period. During this time you will complete a series of assignments and training programs designed to help you understand our operations and equipment, as well as meet federal and state requirements.

Observer Program

Not quite sure if being a rescue squad member is for you? Come and find out. With our observer program, you can ride along with a night team for several weeks and see firsthand the type of work that is done by our members, both around the crew and in the field. You will also learn about the other opportunities that Salem Rescue Squad has to offer. You will only need to sign a waiver form and meet with an officer to participate. If you are under 18 your parents will need to sign for you. For more information, contact the Lt. Personnel at personnel@salemrescue.org.


  • We provide all uniforms and equipment upon acceptance as a regular member
  • Cost of EMT class may be reimbursed upon acceptance as a regular member
  • Regularly scheduled in-house BLS and ALS continuing education courses
  • Free supplemental training
  • Free life insurance to response personnel.

Contact Us

To learn more about membership in our organization, sign up for the observer program, or apply for membership, contact the Lt. Personnel by calling 375-3001 (leave a message) or by email at personnel@salemrescue.org.