Today At Salem Police

Our motto succinctly states, "ready to serve" and truly we are with an authorized strength of 67 sworn and 37 civilian support positions. The Salem Police Department is organized into four operational divisions through which all types of police responsibilities are fulfilled. The agency is headquartered in a 23,338-square-foot facility equipped with the latest technologies and appointments.

The Patrol Division is the most visible component of the department and is responsible for responding to calls for service, preliminary criminal investigations, warrant service, and other tasks. Patrol officers are uniformed, fully equipped to meet varied challenges, and are assigned to geographic districts which cover the entire 14.4 square mile area of the City of Salem.

Criminal investigative responsibilities are assigned to the Detective Division. Detectives receive specialized, advanced training in performing interviews, search and seizure laws, and forensic applications. They also spend many hours in courts of law to provide vital testimony pertinent to criminal prosecutions. The largest component of the Salem Police Department is the Services Division which provides support to all other units within the agency as well as fulfilling the role of central supplier of equipment and resources. Under its operational umbrella are units such as forensics, traffic, school resource officer program, and school crossing guards to name a few. The major focus of police officers assigned to the city schools is the implementation of the nationally famous Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) program.

The Communications Division is responsible for staffing the E-911 call center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and other information technology positions. Receiving and processing over 50,000 calls annually for assistance and police services, this component ensures that first responders are quickly activated and supplied with adequate information to perform their tasks. The position of "Telecommunicator" is an evolution from the days of the police operator or dispatcher. These non-sworn employees are many times the first "links of aid" for many persons in an emergency situation.

As a practitioner within the profession of law enforcement, you are sure to find your "niche" with the Salem Police Department.